Say NO to fit shaming!

You work hard at the gym. You are on point with your nutrition. In fact you are looking damn hot!! You can lift heavy shit and you do it well… why are we so embarrassed about showing off our hard work?! Social media is a prime example of “fit shaming”. Women will post a photo showing off that pert posterior or a chiselled six pack and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the negative comments to come flooding in! It seems that it is now socially acceptable to criticise someone for wanting to stay healthy and look good! The worst comments come from the people who say that showing off a defined, tight body is… Read More →

Lesson’s learned

Sending a big virtual hug to you all…… After a brief hello and I am back, I am sorry to say I disappeared again into the fog of motherhood. Combined with a few personal upheavals, this year certainly has been one of the most enjoyable, saddest, hardest and fulfilling years I have had. I have loved every second of it and it has been one learning curve after another So….I wanted to start again and say HELLOOOO, I am STILL surviving motherhood 2nd time around and its been a crazy old year! Actually, I shouldn’t really say surviving, I should say enjoying – loving – embracing – happily living. All those worries I had, all those doubts about myself and… Read More →

2.4 Children

I remember when we told some mutual friends we were expecting again, the looks that were exchanged between various couples. I immediately picked up on the glance and asked what was that look, giggle or knowing ‘hmmmmmm’ for?   In short, we were told quickly how great expanding your family is. How having a 2nd, 3rd etc baby somehow cements you as a family and it is great fun. The 1st now finally has a playmate and you will both marvel at your genius baby making skills…..”darling didn’t we do well producing the most beautiful children – how clever and amazing are we?” Then comes the ugly truth – ‘oh yes, we definitely row more now and about anything – the… Read More →

Dreaming of Knitwear

Happy new year MIW beauties!- It’s been a while since my last blog, but I hope you all had a fab Christmas, and got lots of goodies x With winter still in full flow, and the temperatures far from warming up, I thought I would write about what is inspiring me this season…….knitwear, and lots of it! It’s no secret that I love a good knit and any excuse to wear one. What’s not to love? they are easily accessorised with black skinny jeans, boots, and a statement bag. Whilst January may not be everyone’s favourite month of the year, you have to admit it is a good time to hit the sales and grab yourself a winter bargain (or… Read More →

The ‘B’ word

Ahh the old Breasfeeding debate rumbles on. I really wish there was more help and positivity regarding feeding in general out there. Pro boob OR Pro bottle – PRO MUM I say! With my blossoming bump comes blooming boobs and I can safely say, these guys are getting bigger and bigger each day. I still haven’t got round to getting measured for some new maternity bras (NAUGHTY I KNOW!). These bad boys are already producing milk (sorrryyyyyyy) and giving me serious back ache.     I loved using this 1st time so will be getting a new batch ASAP along with some of their other products for mum and babe (Love Boo). There are lots of amazing skin care products… Read More →

Easter Fun

Ahhh I love Easter. Especially now as I can get away (a little) by asking for chocolate 🙂 The last few years I have not had an Easter Egg trying to shift weight so this year I have decided to ask for one 🙂 I quite fancy these stunning eggs from Fortnum and Mason – have a look here !                     I have never really entertained Easter with fin but this year we have decided to really celebrate the occasion. He is already asking questions about flowers, baby lambs and bunnies (I think the marketing campaigns are working haha!) and obviously many of you may be celebrating Easter in a religious sense… Read More →

2nd time around- HELP

So hubby and I have decided to go ahead and plan for baby number 2. Both being from a family of 3, we have always wanted at least 2 kiddies and a sibling for Finley. Because Finley was not planned in anyway, actually #planning’ to ‘try’ for a baby stressed me out a bit! I consulted some friends who are pretty much prego experts (from measuring your basal body temperature (I know I didn’t know either) to ovulation kits and best time to ‘try’. I got a bit caught up in it and did some essential reading. With the new job, it pretty much went out the window as I wanted to give 100% to my new role so forgot… Read More →

Juggling Mums

Haha I love this – after a lengthy train conversation I had with a friend, she sent me this Mothers gets just 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day… and STILL take on the lion’s share of the chores Mothers have packed schedules and manage children, work and chores Modern mothers say they still take on 78% of the housework Top ways to unwind include read book, have a cup of tea and watch soaps It will hardly come as much of a surprise to millions of frazzled women across  the country. For a study has found that the average mother ends up with a mere 17 minutes to herself a day. Over the course of a whole… Read More →

Im back! New Year, New Job….New me?

WOW its been a long time since my last post and I am so sorry for all my mummy readers that I haven’t been around. More on that to follow as to why…… but I am back and HELLO and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all fabulous MIW ladies and men of course! Following on from my last post about embracing mummy hood (and believe me I have my off days) I made a huge personal decision and left my full time job. A VERY hard decision to make as for so long I was loving being full time but the travelling, being away and strain on family life became too much. My life had changed but the job had… Read More →

Dr Pam: Sex during my period

Dear Dr. Pam, I’m sure you’ve never heard of this problem. It’s really embarrassing and I don’t even want to tell my best mate. I’ve been going out with this man for six months. We started sleeping together a couple months ago. I really enjoy his company, he’s got a great job, and he gets on with my friends and family. The problem is he wants to sleep with me at that time of the month. I can’t believe this. I feel embarrassed about it and I thought men were squeamish about this. He says he doesn’t care and if he’s in the mood for sex he wants to go ahead no matter what the time of the month. Is he… Read More →