What to wear this Valentine’s Day

I have been searching for the best fashion deals for you lovely ladies again, this time in preparation for Valentine’s day. With only two days to go, you may think there isn’t enough time to get organised.  For those of you who haven’t yet found what you are looking for and still need ideas, there is still time to find something sexy to treat yourselves (and your man),  check out my fashion finds below. The celebs have been working Valentine’s inspired colours on the red carpet and they look fab. Normally you would probably think pink, reds and orange shades do not go together and clash and normally I would agree with you. However, if you want to make a… Read More →

OMG Fashion!

Good girls secretly love to bad and in shopping terms you can afford to be bad here girls, if you love fashion and a bargain you’ll be in your element visiting OMG Fashion! We all like a good shopping spree and if it’s at the right price you can shop more excessively for that holiday while affording to keep up with the new trends, and still have money to treat yourself more often! I am a big fan of shopping online and much prefer the exclusive boutique vibe you get from online shopping. I found OMG fashion boutique great! With not many outfits stretching over the £25.00 mark, you can really over indulge for once! Here’s a few outfits i’ve picked… Read More →