What to wear this Valentine’s Day

I have been searching for the best fashion deals for you lovely ladies again, this time in preparation for Valentine’s day. With only two days to go, you may think there isn’t enough time to get organised.  For those of you who haven’t yet found what you are looking for and still need ideas, there is still time to find something sexy to treat yourselves (and your man),  check out my fashion finds below. The celebs have been working Valentine’s inspired colours on the red carpet and they look fab. Normally you would probably think pink, reds and orange shades do not go together and clash and normally I would agree with you. However, if you want to make a… Read More →

2014 lets party in style

Firstly readers, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with you’re loved ones and got suitably spoilt. I am sure a lot of you lovely ladies will already have you’re New Year’s Eve outfit already organised. However, for those who do not, don’t panic!! There is still time. Although there may not be a lot of time left to shop online, there is still time to hit the high street and grab yourself a bargain. What Primark has to offer…… This little disco skater skirt is perfect for covering any bloated belly’s, it will nip you in at thee waste and look great with some black tights and black heels. At £8.00 you should still have enough to get… Read More →

It’s all about the nails

Nail Art  Now I love nail polish but seeing all the different design and bling on offer there is to use, looks scarily detailed and off putting if you’re wanting to create this look yourself. DONT BE SCARED! There is hope. The problem is we all live busy lives and don’t have time to sit down and create all these different designs as much as we would like to. So it is easier to book a slot at a nail salon and have them create the look for you, right? Well we are all guilty of this, myself included, but this can be expensive to keep up and I hadn’t realised how fun and none time consuming this can actually… Read More →

The Kardashian Fashion

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s…..fashion When I say the name’s Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, you probably already know who I am talking about. If you don’t, where have you been?! The Kardashian clan are swiftly becoming a well established brand in the UK following their already successful line with Dorothy Perkins released last year. They have since broken into the Beauty business, releasing their own make up line. However, you will probably know them firstly for their own reality TV series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s. Fans of the show will already know they started their journey into retail opening up a number of shops in the US called Dash. It is this passion for fashion which has lead them… Read More →

Christmas Jumpers

Now everyone should have at least one staple Christmas jumper in the build up to the big day. Whether you prefer the understated ones or an explosion of colour, there is a lot of choice out there to suit all tastes. Even my dog Clyde wears his jumper with pride every year. I was out with my friends only last week having an early festive gathering and the dress code was simply a ‘Christmas jumper’ it was great to see how everyone went all out with this theme. What is it you go for when picking these items? Would love to hear your thoughts. Either way we should remember to not take this trend too seriously, the jumpers should above… Read More →

Polly Lawton

Hello my name is Polly, Fashion blogger for MIW magazine and I am thrilled to be part of this lovely team!! To tell you a little bit about me….. I live in Nottinghamshire, and in my early twenties I wanted to move to London and work in the media/entertainment field. I auditioned for drama school and became a professionally trained actress. Since graduating in 2009, I have done some voice over’s, featured in short films and music video’s and done some modelling. I have always been obsessed with fashion, so I am super excited that I can channel this passion into my blog and hopefully inspire you to dress fab on a budget. My loves in life are my family,… Read More →

OMG Fashion!

Good girls secretly love to bad and in shopping terms you can afford to be bad here girls, if you love fashion and a bargain you’ll be in your element visiting OMG Fashion! We all like a good shopping spree and if it’s at the right price you can shop more excessively for that holiday while affording to keep up with the new trends, and still have money to treat yourself more often! I am a big fan of shopping online and much prefer the exclusive boutique vibe you get from online shopping. I found OMG fashion boutique great! With not many outfits stretching over the £25.00 mark, you can really over indulge for once! Here’s a few outfits i’ve picked… Read More →

Dress to impress him or her

  MIW are here to help you with those tough decisions on deciding what to wear, keeping you on top and ahead of the latest trends. Whether you’re dressing for a night on the tiles, a date or just to doll yourself up to go shopping! We will help you find an outfit for every occasion! Us Girlies predominantly dress to impress other women (sorry boys) its a FACT! When it comes to wardrobe talk there’s no better flattery than from another female. Of course we like our man to see us as attractive, but in a woman’s world we love nothing more than to admire each other and the ultimate compliment  is when a fellow girly digs your style…. Read More →

High Streets Hottest – Meet Ashleigh

Name: Ashleigh Smith Job: Sales Assistant at Republic Describe your style:  I believe in being unique, that’s why I have it tattooed across my neck! I think everyone should stand out and be true to their style and personality. Having traveled for most my life to such countries as Australia and Canada I’ve learnt to take a real mix of styles into my look and not to be afraid. This season’s must have: The must have for me this season is a pair of Jimmy Choo Ugg boots, I REALLY want some! Your message to all MIW readers: Get a reaction! any reaction bad or good is still a reaction, if your getting a reaction your doing something right. Stand… Read More →