I Love Me Campaign !!

I love me Campaign / ‘The MIW body confidence boost’ We aren’t always good at feeding ourselves with confidence or celebrating how great we are, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Simply share this video and Tag one of your besties on fb/twitter and tell her two things you love about her, use tags #MIW2thingsiloveaboutyou @MIWmagazine Let’s spread some positivite Girl-Tude and confidence to our girls across the globe !      

Blockbuster Life

What would you do if you were the Director of a film? You’ve been given the chance to direct a big blockbuster. You have complete control over the story line, it will be all yours with a great supporting cast and production team. You’re also the lead role. What would you do with that set of circumstances? What story would you create and tell? Ideas for your plot line. An everyday scene. Woman goes to work comes home, goes to work and comes home, keeps a nice house, and tries to keep a nice body as she compares herself to famous people everyday in magazines and newspapers. She wants to be attractive so she can meet the man of her… Read More →