Winter Wonderland

Add some sass and class to your winter wardrobe ladies, with my top picks to see you through the colder months. x Cable knit sweater A perfectly warm jumper, that you can layer up to stay snug.                         Boots Whether you’re outward or office bound, a pair of riding boots will keep you looking on trend throughout winter, and with this fabulous pair in the sale at Debenhams, look no further….                     Pea coat My favourite winter style of coat, emphasisng feminine features, with the perfect combination of smart and casual.                  … Read More →

AW14 makeup

The latest trend to watch out for on the catwalks, doesn’t just translate to your wardrobe, but also your makeup bag. Yes the time has come to update your makeup look, to see you through the winter, and this season its all about teaming a nude, matte face with a bold statement brow (a la Cara Delavigne) as seen on the catwalks.  So how do we get the nude look, without actually going nude with the makeup (I can hear the sigh of relief girls, you still wear makeup, just less of it) so there is no need to get drastic, lets see how we get the understated look just right. Remember, this look is not about having a flat… Read More →

Bronzed goddess

            Now summer is in full swing, most of us girls will be fake tanning, or at least using some bronzer to add a sunkissed look to our makeup. For me, bronzer is an absolute makeup bag staple, I use it no matter which season it is, because I always want to look sunkissed. I have experimented with different bronzers over the years (Yes, I am slightly addicted) because bronzer is the best trick to ensure a healthy glow, all year round, and is an absolute must for contouring, (but more on that later) I am going to be reviewing some different bronzers, to compare which ones are best for natural, or darker looks. Whatever look it is you are trying to… Read More →

Erase those spots!

Hello ladies. So with the seasons Changing pretty dramatically here in London, literally going from humid and damp to wet freezing and windy over night, it’s played havoc with my skin. While recently I’ve been trying to stick to a good skin regime (cleansing, toning and moisturising) my skin still isn’t responding well to my current lifestyle. I work night shifts quite often and often have very little sleep and my life is a constant rush so along with that and the environment my skin isn’t looking to fresh. I wanted to try a new concealer. I decided, after staring at the dark circles round my eyes to get a ‘decent’ one. Not your standard drug store concealer which is… Read More →

Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is an important step while doing your make up ,it is a double edged weapon,it gives  you a great look if you make the right choice but on the other hand it could disguise your natural beauty if you don’t choose the one matching your skin. Oily skin: If your skin is oily the powder and oily free foundation is the perfect choice for your skin, it contains powders that absorb the oils ,reflects a smoothie –matt finish to your face . Dry skin: If you have a dry skin avoid the powder foundation and think about the liquid foundation ,the hydrating powder foundation or sticky foundations, both of them contains moisturising substances that will moisture your dry skin and will make your… Read More →

Polly Lawton

Hello my name is Polly, Fashion blogger for MIW magazine and I am thrilled to be part of this lovely team!! To tell you a little bit about me….. I live in Nottinghamshire, and in my early twenties I wanted to move to London and work in the media/entertainment field. I auditioned for drama school and became a professionally trained actress. Since graduating in 2009, I have done some voice over’s, featured in short films and music video’s and done some modelling. I have always been obsessed with fashion, so I am super excited that I can channel this passion into my blog and hopefully inspire you to dress fab on a budget. My loves in life are my family,… Read More →

New Mums Hair & Make-up tips

So after my previous post I had a lot of you on twitter and Facebook asking me to do a post on my favourite quick fix hairstyles. I truly believe that just because you have had a little one and life has become one massive roller coaster it doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go or give yourself little or no time for looking like a Hot Mama!!   I remember one of my first outings to meet some girlfriends with the little man in tow, all I wanted was that 15 mins of quietness whilst I got myself together, but did that happen? Definitely not! Most days he had a little nap around 9am (Gina Ford Baby!) on… Read More →

Celeb Mum Looks!

So following on from my post on mummy make up (with help from the amazing Kevin Fortune), I wanted to share my favourite ‘celeb mum’ looks with you! Now, granted, we all don’t get to swing around looking amazing in our Louboutins like Victoria Beckham or have the A list help when it comes to styling but I do like to see what the new celebrity mums styles are and how they cope with new mum looks! They have so much help from stylists, trend setters and all round fashion and make up Guru’s – I always have a little nosey! Beyonce looks so beautiful and natural here with baby Blue Ivy. Rocking a red lip, clean skin and little… Read More →

Mum Make Up Tips!

So we introduced, Celebrity Hair-Stylist & Make-Up Artist and all round Glam Squad Guru Mr Kevin Fortune a few weeks ago on MIW. We hope you loved the interview as much as we did!  We are so delighted to have Kevin on board, sharing his expert & industry Make Up and Hair tips with all the amazing MIW fans. So not content with being the go to hair and make up stylist to the stars such as Kim Cattrall, Lisa Snowden, Jameela Jamil, Kelly Osborne….to name a few! Kevin has been helping me out with some ‘Mummy Make Up tips!!       So Kevin…us mums need some PROFESSIONAL make up help! With a newborn, toddler, 2, 3 + kids… Read More →

Introducing… Make Up & Hair Stylist Kevin Fortune

We are proud to welcome to MIW, THE Make Up, Hair Stylist and all round Glam Squad Guru Mr Kevin Fortune! We thought we would grill Kevin a bit before letting him loose on all you lovely MIW readers… so read on for a our interview! MIW: We are so delighted to have you on board and share your expert & industry Make Up and Hair tips with all the amazing MIW fans. First of all, we would love  to learn more about you, how you started and for you to share your beauty background with all our readers…..How did you get into the industry? Kevin Fortune: I have been a Make-up artist and hair stylist since 1995. I wanted to work… Read More →