Teaching my daughter to be unapologetically strong!

I love lifting weights ( I don’t know how many times I have started a blog with this sentence!!). I love it for many reasons, too many to list in one blog anyway! What is even more satisfying than my own love of lifting is my daughters. My awesome 10 year old daughter took up Olympic weightlifting this year and she loves it, hooray!! Now obviously this makes me overjoyed as it is a huge passion in my life and now we can share the joys of competing and hitting PB’s together but it goes far, far beyond that for me and for her. One of the other main (and possibly more important reasons) that I am thrilled that she… Read More →

Picture Perfect!

Taking a picture for me was all about capturing a funny moment, where I could look back at the memory and smile! I loved to take photographs of me and my beautiful family and friends. When social media was born, so was the need to seek perfect pictures. I must admit I love to use a filter on Instagram, but with access to airbrushing apps enabling us slim & retouch ourselves to perfection, have we taken it too far? I find myself picking faults at my appearance, I almost didn’t share a beautiful photo of me and my daughter, because I didn’t like the lines around my eyes when I smiled. When did we become so hard on ourselves? Have we really… Read More →

Booty Bootcamp Week 4

We are on the last week of Booty Bootcamp. I really hope that you have all enjoyed our month long challenge so far and are ready to smash week 4?! So as it’s the last week I thought I would make it the hardest week so far. We are going for a full on booty onslaught, prepare to feel the burn! Workout Set your timer for 50 secs on and 10 secs off for 7 rounds, have a 1-2 min rest at the end of each full round. repeat for 3-5 rounds Double Pulse Squats Single leg weighted deadlifts Left leg  (you can use a kettlebell, dumbbells or weight plates) Single leg deadlifts right leg Glute Bridge (hip thrusters) Bulgarian split squats… Read More →

Booty Bootcamp Week 2

MIW ladies I hope that you have all been taking part in the Booty Bootcamp!!  It has definitely left my behind feeling it! So we are now onto week 2 and ready to take on a new workout. I want you to perform weeks 2’s workout at least 4 times this week (if you are feeling very energetic you could perform it every day!!) You won’t need any specific equipment for this weeks workout but if you do have ankle weights please use them. Set your timer for 30 second intervals, 10 exercises (10 minutes) and for 3 rounds with a 1 minute rest at the end of each round 1. Donkey kicks You will do 1 minute of donkey… Read More →

2.4 Children

I remember when we told some mutual friends we were expecting again, the looks that were exchanged between various couples. I immediately picked up on the glance and asked what was that look, giggle or knowing ‘hmmmmmm’ for?   In short, we were told quickly how great expanding your family is. How having a 2nd, 3rd etc baby somehow cements you as a family and it is great fun. The 1st now finally has a playmate and you will both marvel at your genius baby making skills…..”darling didn’t we do well producing the most beautiful children – how clever and amazing are we?” Then comes the ugly truth – ‘oh yes, we definitely row more now and about anything – the… Read More →

Winter Workouts

The nights are drawing in and the weather is finally turning and working out is not looking so appealing as it did back in the summer! Here are my top tips to stop your fitness stagnating during the colder months, remember that summer bodies are built in the winter. So put in the prep now and by spring you will be ready to meet the summer head on with a hot bod! 1. Layers Wrap up in layers of clothing instead of one great big thick jumper. As you warm up and your body’s temperature rises you will be able to peel off your layers, it is surprising how hot you will still get in the colder months. Invest in… Read More →

Lean for Halloween Challenge – Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our Lean for Halloween Challenge. So far we have squatted, lunged and burpee’d our way to week 3. This week we are focusing on keeping that heart rate raised and torching those calories So here is your week 3 workout. You need to perform this circuit between 3 and 5 times and at least 3 times each week. Take a 1-2 minute rest at the end of each complete circuit and make sure you stay hydrated! If you missed out on Week 1 and Week 2 just click on the links and you can catch up. If you would like to see even more results then remember that a good healthy diet full of natural… Read More →

These boots are made for walking

What is it I love about boots at this time of year, well there are lots of things really. First of all, they keep your legs warm (sorry to sound like an old lady, but its true!) I am sure that you will agree, they are a very welcome fashion item in the colder months, but they also look hot. Fact. This season you can go to any lengths you choose, to show as much or as little of your legs off as you like. The thigh’s the limit             I do not get bored of those trusty knee high’s, and for Autumn/Winter, the higher the pair the better.            … Read More →

Style steal-Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Things are lining up to be a good year for the lovely Cheryl.  There was her marriage to French restauranteur Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini back in July, and the launch of her debut fragrance, Storm Flower (available to buy now) and then of course…….there was her well anticipated return to the X Factor.  Her return to the panel this year means Chezza fans will be delighted, and all eyes will be on her gorgeous OUTFITS for the live shows. Cheryl inspires us with lots of ideas on how to dress to impress, and have the fashion factor. In this blog, I will be talking you through some of Cheryl’s fashion staples, and hopefully supplying you with plenty of ideas on how… Read More →

Squat for September Week 4

We are now in our last week of our Squat for September challenge!! I hope that you have all been following on along with the weekly challenges and I hope you have all seen those bottoms looking much peachier! So now for our last challenge and it is going to be a tough one. Instead of completing a certain amount of reps you will perform the exercises in a circuit. Week 4 Circuit You will perform 3-5 circuits and perform 30 seconds of each exercise with a 10 second rest in-between exercises. At the end of each complete circuit rest for 1-2 minutes. Squat Jump 30 secs Alternating lunge 30 sec ( to make this move harder turn it into… Read More →