The Un-sporty Mum

Ok…. let me confirm from the get go, my little family are NOT the sporty type. We don’t revel in long hikes, we don’t all trundle up on our bikes and go for family rides nor do my husband and I have sporty hobbies. We are active of course but not in that ‘sporty’ way. At age 11, I was told that I would never been the athletic type. I was in the 2nd group (B team) at school for PE and with my curvy hips and large boobs things like long distance track or active type games requiring a less than attractive sports bra fitting at our local C&A, just didn’t fit well with my cool school cred. I… Read More →

The ‘B’ word

Ahh the old Breasfeeding debate rumbles on. I really wish there was more help and positivity regarding feeding in general out there. Pro boob OR Pro bottle – PRO MUM I say! With my blossoming bump comes blooming boobs and I can safely say, these guys are getting bigger and bigger each day. I still haven’t got round to getting measured for some new maternity bras (NAUGHTY I KNOW!). These bad boys are already producing milk (sorrryyyyyyy) and giving me serious back ache.     I loved using this 1st time so will be getting a new batch ASAP along with some of their other products for mum and babe (Love Boo). There are lots of amazing skin care products… Read More →

Tantrums, tears and three year olds!

Luckily for us mums with 3 years old’s, life is getting easier. Communication is strong, you can have a good chat about things (and the little tots understand you more than they did a year ago) and you can normally break the episode with laughter or distraction. This has to be – BY FAR – my favorite age. We really belly laugh together, make jokes, role play, express our love (and he means it) and show affection in huge ways I never thought possible. Now don’t get me wrong, there is the flip side which started at 2 (ish) and is continuing. I saw this on Facebook from Scary Mommy (A really funny and cute US website that I love)… Read More →

Not a baby anymore :(

Although it’s not exactly starting school, letting your little one off into the big wide world of nurseries and pre-school is just as overwhelming I discovered last week! Fin ‘moved up’ a class this September. Ok, so it’s not all school uniforms and making new friends (oh god, I don’t think I can cope when that happens) but it was a big step for me. He has been at our lovely nursery since he was 10 months old so it has been a massive part of our lives and we feel that the staff are an extension of our little family. They have raised him just as much (possibly more) as we have and he is the happy, kind and… Read More →

Poorly Baby & Mummy!

MERRY CHRISTMAS all you yummy glam mummies! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and looking forward to a great New Year!         Now, I really did picture my Christmas Break to be full of festive cheer, mulled wine whilst singing carols, watching ‘The Snowman’  and telling my son Finley about Santa. Suffice to say that this did not happen and we all got struck with the Winter vomiting virus and flu. Not quite the festivities I had planned but with the help of some family and friends (and lots of disinfectant, tissues, baby medicine and Olbas Oil) we got through it! Finley has not been sick since he was a baby (and milk spit up is… Read More →