Teaching my daughter to be unapologetically strong!

I love lifting weights ( I don’t know how many times I have started a blog with this sentence!!). I love it for many reasons, too many to list in one blog anyway! What is even more satisfying than my own love of lifting is my daughters. My awesome 10 year old daughter took up Olympic weightlifting this year and she loves it, hooray!! Now obviously this makes me overjoyed as it is a huge passion in my life and now we can share the joys of competing and hitting PB’s together but it goes far, far beyond that for me and for her. One of the other main (and possibly more important reasons) that I am thrilled that she… Read More →

Anti Ageing Gloves

When I was young, I was fortunate that my gorgeous mum passed on a wealth of beauty tips & advice to me, some of which I only really started to understand as I grew older. One thing I’ll always remember her saying was, ‘make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise’ and ‘look after these (rubbing her hands), they’re the first place to show signs your getting old’. Two years ago I became a mum to my beautiful daughter, my hands were constantly in water. I was either washing them, washing her, washing up or washing something! My hands got so dry the skin was splitting! I suddenly realised what my mum was talking about all those years ago, my hands were starting to… Read More →

The Big Three

Apologies for the gap in blogs but I’m now back blogging on a weekly basis, hooray!! So as you all know I love lifting! I love squats, bench and deadlifts aka The Big Three. Not only are these lifts the most awesome lifts of all time but the benefits (aesthetically and physically) are off the chain!  The best thing about these three lifts is that they hit multiple muscle groups and they give you the biggest bang for your buck! Maximum results with minimum time spent in the gym. The Squat  The ultimate lift for leg strength! Increase strength, size, power, agility and explosiveness and build yourself a hot ass and killer pins! Legs that make people stop and stare are… Read More →

Signs he’s a commitment phobe

Seven signs he has commitment issues By our self-help expert and dating coach Dr Pam Spurr You’re really into him, things are going well but they haven’t really progressed. You sense he’s holding back but it’s hard to say why. In interviews for my new dating guide THE LAWS OF SISTERHOOD – I heard lots of reasons why guys won’t take it to the next level. From he went through a messy breakup and swore off relationships – to his father had commitment issues. That meant his father was emotionally distant and has left your man finding it hard to get close to you.  The problem is many men with commitment issues don’t let on they don’t want to take… Read More →

M.A.C New collection

Calling all beauty geeks M.A.C is going to brighten up any pre winter blues!! You can always count on M.A.C for their incredible creative collaborations. And if you haven’t heard of their forth coming collection prepare to be dazzled! M.A.C have teamed up with one of the biggest names in China’s fashion scene, Guo Pei. The Beijing-based designer is known for her extravagant and intricate couture garments, and has been in fashion design for 26 years. Together they have created a collection of golden tones and neutral colours sprinkled with deep blue-graphite, inspired by blossoming flowers and beautiful gardens. If you aren’t already excited about this incredible collection, the vintage embossed packaging with an exotic floral-illustrated fabric will certainly charm… Read More →

Competition Day – WPA Welsh Powerlifting Championships 2015

So incase you didn’t know already, I competed at my very first powerlifting competition on the weekend!! Saturday 26th July saw the WPA (Welsh Powerlifting Association) Welsh Championships take place in Pontardawe. The lead up to this competition has filled with disaster after disaster. Firstly I somehow managed to damage the soft tissue on the right side of my ribs which made lifting painful and excruciating if I used my belt. I also started to develop some severe digestive issues e..g being constipated for about 8 weeks (yes 8 WEEKS!!). Team this with bloating, stomach cramps and the start of excluding foods, this prep has not been easy! Despite all of that I kept pushing forward with training and dieting… Read More →

Booty Bootcamp Week 4

We are on the last week of Booty Bootcamp. I really hope that you have all enjoyed our month long challenge so far and are ready to smash week 4?! So as it’s the last week I thought I would make it the hardest week so far. We are going for a full on booty onslaught, prepare to feel the burn! Workout Set your timer for 50 secs on and 10 secs off for 7 rounds, have a 1-2 min rest at the end of each full round. repeat for 3-5 rounds Double Pulse Squats Single leg weighted deadlifts Left leg  (you can use a kettlebell, dumbbells or weight plates) Single leg deadlifts right leg Glute Bridge (hip thrusters) Bulgarian split squats… Read More →

Booty Bootcamp Week 3

Happy Monday MIW ladies!! Hope you all had a lovely romantic valentine’s filled weekend! So we are upping the pace with our Booty Bootcamp workouts and and adding in lots of plyometric moves! If you find the jumping a strain on your knees just be careful and do as much as you can. So here we go, week 3 of Booty Bootcamp…. Workout Set your timers for 30 secs on and 10 secs rest for 5 rounds. Remember to warm up for at least 5 minutes, include body weight squats in your warm up so that your body is primed for the workout ahead. Squat jumps 10 secs rest Skaters 10 secs rest Jumping switch lunge 10 secs rest 180… Read More →

Booty Bootcamp Challenge #2

How is everyone getting on with week 2 of the Booty Bootcamp? It left my glutes feeling sore!! No matter how sore your butt is feeling it is time for our mid-week challenge!! Get ready to feel the burn with this Jump Lunge challenge Challenge #2 You are going to set a timer for 30 secs with a 30 sec rest for 6 rounds. Perform the exercise as shown in the video link for the allotted time. Yo can use the alternative exercise if you can’t do the jump lunge. This move is a killer but it will hit your quads, hamstrings, glutes and raise that heart rate so you are burning calories! You can join in with us using… Read More →

Swagger like its the 70’s

Lets take a look at what is going to be hot this Spring, I know you’re probably thinking I am being a bit eager, as it’s still only February, but you will be thanking me for the heads up, when it’s time to change your winter wardrobe, and get ready for the next biggest trend alert !!! Now we all know that the 60’s has been on trend for a while, and this is one of my absolute favourite trends, because it’s flirty, feminine and sassy. Now its time to pave the way for the 70’s, set to make a big comeback next season. This means we need to get ready to embrace the flares, slouchy pants, gingham, denim, floral… Read More →